Eden, chapter 7: Vengeance

‘My afflictions have conquered me; I now am well aware what crimes I venture on: but rage, the cause of woes most grievous to the human race, over my better reason hath prevailed.’ – Euripides, Medea

Our company of Players are pleased to present, for your delectation and delight, a Tragedy in four acts.

Sigyn: I’d call it more of a trainwreck, really.

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Eden, chapter 6: Persuasion

What hands are here? Ha! They pluck out mine eyes. Will all great Neptune’s ocean wash this blood clean from my hand?’ – William Shakespeare, Macbeth
Sigyn: Thank goodness, only one quote this chapter.

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Eden, chapter 5: Hope

Sigyn: As in, “abandon all hope, ye who enter in”? Because we’re way ahead of you there.

‘Your eyes are made of glass. They break. You are not brave.

You are alone like a dog in a kennel. Your hands
break out in boils. Your arms are cut and bound by bands

of wire. Your voice is out there. Your voice is strange.
There are no prayers here. Here there is no change.’ 
– Anne Sexton, Angels Of The Love Affair

Piffy: *immediately looks up Angels of the Love Affair*

What the fuck? This is really weird.

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Eden, chapter 4: Hell

Sigyn: That sounds about right.

It is easy to go down into Hell; night and day, the gates of Death stand wide; but to climb back again, to retrace one’s steps to the upper air – therein lies the difficulty.’ – Virgil, The Aeneid

Briar: could u not

Eugenie: Briar, sweetie, what are you doing here?

Serleina: His best.

The beverage you are about to enjoy is extremely hot. Please sip carefully.

Piffy: I mean, that’s awfully presumptuous of you.

Sigyn: I will glug recklessly and you can’t stop me.

Piffy: Also, the reason they have that warning is because someone got third-degree burns in her groin area because McDonald’s coffee was stored at temperatures not safe for human contact. The fact they got off so lightly is ridiculous.

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Eden, chapter 3: Obedience

Piffy: Oh boy, that chapter title. Good times ahead e_e
God harden me against myself,
Sigyn: —
Piffy: ohbby

This coward with pathetic voice

Piffy: nobby

Who craves for ease and rest and joys:

Myself, arch-traitor to myself;
My hollowest friend, my deadliest foe,
My clog whatever road I go.’
 – Christina Rossetti, Who Shall Deliver Me?

Sigyn: Gee, it sounds like Ms. Rossetti should be our protagonist here, not Hermione.

Piffy: I know, right?

Pain, noun – physical suffering or distress, as due to injury, illness, etc; a distressing sensation in a particular part of the body; mental or emotional suffering or torment.

Sigyn: What is with quoting the definition of simple words everyone knows from the dictionary? Is this supposed to make the fic edgier or something? It’s falling pretty flat.

Piffy: She just committed herself to two quotes per chapter and can’t find any good ones.

Sigyn: I mean… she quoted one of the shittiest characters from Dracula last chapter, so…

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Chill, Edgebrina, or Sigyn Reacts to The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina: Pilot Episode

Sigyn: Two of my buddies on Facebook recommended I watch The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. Now, people who know me can attest that I’m a pretty edgy person with a taste for shock value. But this…

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Eden, Chapter 2: Fear

I feel the dread of this horrible place over-powering me; I am in fear – in awful fear – and there is no escape for me; I am encompassed about with terrors that I dare not think of.’ – Bram Stoker, Dracula

Sigyn: Ah yes, you would quote the obnoxious, annoying, most pusillanimous character in Dracula and try to play it off like some clever grimdark thing. You also compared elegant, well-mannered, gracious Dracula to the ill-tempered Wizard Hitler otherwise known as Ol’ Tommy. Sorry, Voldemort. and FUCK THE SHIT OUT OF YOU for comparing Hermione Granger to Jonathan Harker. I will never forgive you for this.

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